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About Preston International College

   Professional Education and Research Foundation - (PERF) trust has developed a state of the art COLLEGE at No.10, Kavignar Bharathi Dasan Road, Chennai,Tamil Nadu , INDIA. incorporating all modern facilities for teaching and training.

   The demagogic facilities include

   In today's globalised scenario, the field of education is constantly witnessing dynamic changes. Career oriented courses are most sought after and the curriculum are expected to be updated up to the very latest level in order to suit the modern day student. Students are also eager to obtain reputable degrees while studying in their own country. Chennai is a hub of high-quality education with a meritorious student community seeking quality education as well as a highly qualified teaching fraternity. Understanding this scenario the Professional Education And Research Foundation (PERF) now offers degrees at its Chennai campus,from a local reputed University.

  The Institution, which came into existence to meet the increasing demand for higher education in India, will not only impart knowledge and skills to students through its training programmes, but also create and provide facilities for the personal and professional growth of individuals who wish to make a career in Islamic Studies, Business, and Science and Technology.

Learning Oriented Facilities

   Preston International College campus has extensive academic facilities which include Air conditioned classrooms, computer laboratories, a library, abundant workspace for faculty and administrative staff members, plus common areas for students, along with a cafeteria.

   Computer workstations are available for all library users for the conduct of various activities, including internet research, electronic mail management, e-Book reading, and word processing.

   The Islamic Studies Departments maintain libraries which contain reference materials and resources for their respective disciplines.

   The latest editions and new books are continuously added to the library collection. Free Internet service is available.

Girls Common Room

   A separate Common Room is available for female students to carry out their leisure activities.It also includes a Prayer Room.

Prayer Room

   A Prayer Room is dedicated to engage oneself in offering of prayers or meaningfull discussion on day to day religious issues.