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M.A in Islamic Studies

The M.A.I.S. (Master of Arts in Islamic Studies) offers the students the opportunity to concentrate on the Qur'an, Hadeeth and other Islamic Texts and provides a worthwhile training in the translation of Islamic religious material. The degree is designed to benefit academics, teachers of Islam in other institutions, translators of Islamic material into English in research centers, government departments and da'wah centers. It provides excellent research training and a profitable qualification for those who wish to progress to higher post graduate degrees.

Course Distribution

I Year
1) Sciences of Hadith
2) Islamic Jurisprudence
3) Arabic Language
4) Principles of Islamic Morals and Methodolgy of Propagating
5) Research methodology in Islamic & Arabic studies.
II Year
1) Islamic Civilization & Contemporary Muslim world
2) Quranic Sciences
3) Legal Maxims and Objectives of Islamic Legislation
4) Comparative Study of Religions & Muslim Sects
5) Dissertation