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Student's Testimonials

Assalamu alikum warahmatullah Shykh how are you, how are things going on. How are Ahmad, Saad, khalid, Ayman and Abdur Rahman? Please say my salam to them. Shykh I found here many brothers from different countries who have studied Islamic sudies in their countries right from their birth but still they dont have a clear picture of various subjects. It amazed me as I found myself knowing many things which they dont know. What you would say to us in our classes in preston is definitely true that Preston may not produce scholars but its students would have a clearer picture of things than many of those who study in many different islamic institutions from their birth. I thank you shykh for teaching us the things you taught us and make dua that Preston grows up into a leading Islamic institute of India. Aameen

Maasid Siddiq (Qassim University)

Coming to the contribution of Teachers individually they were all efficient and brilliant and deserve a pat on their backs . Individually I would like to thank Sheikh Abdus Salam, Sheikh Junaid, Sheikh Imran and Sheikh Umar Khan who taught subjects like Fundamentals of Faith , Arabic , Sciences of Hadeeth , Fiqh respectively to mention a few.
As said one who does not thank his people does not thank Allah swt I thank them wholeheartedly and make Duas for them to attain success in this dunya and in the hereafter and also accept it from the management of Preston for their efforts.

Mahmood, BAIS 2014